The Republicans never lose sight of the "ball." They never forget their end game - total control of the government and its three branches, destruction of liberal ideas, and spreading hatred of minorities and other "non-white" citizens.

Turning the country into a theocracy would be icing on the cake.

Russia and China must be licking their chops watching us destroy ourselves from inside our own country. No need for them to invade.

The saddest part is the large number of Americans who have voted to continue this s**t show. Their prejudices so blind many that they fail to see how they are being used to further their destruction.



This is merely another example of entrenched control of the Democratic party by special interests. These are the same people who blocked Bernie Sanders when he tried to run for president.

As a certified old fart, I agree that we need some young blood in Washington. There is no question that most of us lose some mental flexibility as we age.

There was a time when age and experience were necessary, and they are still important, but in a rapidly changing world, we need leaders who are in step with the modern world.

Ms. Feinstein should step down and graciously leave the stage before she tarnishes her record.



Edward W Hackett

residential contractor/designer — science, politics, economics, history, philosophy, blogging on economics, email ewhackett@gmail.